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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Find below a number of frequently asked questions about the web design services supplied by the Small Business Web Designer.

With the Small Business Web Designer, for a cost of £799 the example website package will cover a 10-12 page website, legal pages, content and keyword planning, copywriting, SEO, GDPR compliance, Google analytics, asset sourcing, social media integration and 12 months hosting & support. If you require more or less, do not hesitate to contact the Small Business Web Designer for a quote.
Most web design projects are dealt with via telephone and email, so there is no real need for face to face meetings. However, if you would prefer, please request a Zoom or Skype meeting. Alternatively, for clients based throughout Worcestershire and the West Midlands, a meeting can be arranged at your business location or you are welcome to visit the office of the Small Business Web Designer.
Not at all. You'll be surprised how many people don't know where to start, apart from knowing they need a website. Discussing everything with you and keeping you up-to-date throughout, the Small Business Web Designer will work for you, based on the information that you supply about your business. Every part of the design and content is dealt with; with as little or as much involvement from you as you prefer.
Website hosting is the service which allows your website to be accessible. It provides space on a server to store your website, a connection to the internet, email hosting, database support and many other services to administer and manage a website and domain. While there are many providers, the Small Business Web Designer supplies this service as part of the annual hosting & support package.
A domain name or website address (i.e. www.mysite.co.uk) needs to be registered to you and/or your business, before "pointing" it to a website hosting service. The "domain name servers" can be changed so your hosting provider has full administration, or DNS records can be changed to allocate individual services. The Small Business Web Designer supplies a full domain name registration and administration service.
Yes. The Small Business Web Designer offers an affordable solution, not only for redesigning your website but increasing your traffic, leads and conversion rate. The website redesign service includes a FREE review of your online presence to date, with a view to improving the design, functionality, user experience and conversion rate optimisation.
Absolutely. If you already have a domain name, website hosting and/or an email provider you would rather stay with; or if you would prefer to transfer everything to the Small Business Web Designer, assistance will be provided. There are no additional charges for administration tasks required to get you up and running with the Small Business Web Designer.
The Small Business Web Designer primarily builds static websites, authored and hand coded to compliant HTML5 and CSS3 standards. These manually created websites are better controlled and help to reach the full potential with a non-complex business website. Alternatively, if there is specific reason or request to do so, WordPress or a number of other Open Source CMS (Content Management System) platforms can be used.
Yes. Whether you are looking for a single page on your static website to sell a few products, or a full online store, the Small Business Web Designer can create an ecommerce website ideal for your needs. Alternatively, if you require an out-of-the-box solution built into your website, or the creation of a custom application, then advanced website development services are available.
It helps if you're involved, particularly with the key areas of your business that you want website leads from. Providing some guided, general content and giving the Small Business Web Designer an insight into your unique selling points is the maximum required. Otherwise, all website copy will be created via the website copywriting service.
If you really need to regularly edit your website content or administer an online store, then it would be better to have your website built on a CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to update it yourself. However, with a non-complex website, requiring only infrequent updates, and not wanting the hassle for yourself, the Small Business Web Designer's annual hosting & support package will have you covered.
The length of time to plan, design and create a website varies on your exact requirements. Some projects can take just a few weeks while others a few months. Also, workload at the time of your enquiry and how long it takes you to supply content will determine a build time. Once discussed, the Small Business Web Designer will give you an estimated completion date.
Yes, this is no problem at all. From something simple as part of a website package to more advanced and additional services if required. The Small Business Web Designer can produce logos and physical media for clients, including printed stationery and business card design. Simpy state your requirements at the time of initial communication.
Yes, ownership of your website, its content and all associated files is 100% yours. Upon request or should you ever wish to change provider, the Small Business Web Designer can supply a full copy of your website. Please note that you don't actually own your domain name or the server space for hosting. These are more like leases, but as long as you pay the annual fees, you keep the name and place for your website to be accessed.
The initial steps are to identify your website goals and define the scope of your project. This is accomplished during a no obligation, introductory telephone conversation. So all you need to do is contact the Small Business Web Designer today! From there, everything relevant to your web design project will be handled and communicated to you via unlimited telephone and email support.